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Long before Eiffel 65 immortalized their love of the colour blue with their iconic 90’s song, the ancient Egyptians prized the deep blue Lapis Lazuli and developed colorants to imbue their paintings with this hue. Today, the colour blue remains a favorite among men and women alike. The psychology behind the colour may have something to do with this ongoing favour.

In Ancient Greece blue was thought to ward of evil spirits. Muggle of Jugs Blue wallpaper can keep the ghosts away!

I admit that Psychlogy was not my favorite class in University but rather a necessary evil along the path to my nursing degree. That being said, if my professor had gotten into the psychology of colour, I may have hung on his every word rather than sleeping in and skipping class (don’t tell mom).

Feeling blue isn’t always a bad thing

It may seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but blue stimulates creativity and focus as well as soothes and relaxes. The colour blue can in fact lower blood pressure and therefore slow the heart. When our bodies are in a more relaxed, stress-free state, our brains are then able to work more effectively. And at nightime it is easier to sleep when our bodies are in this state.

Deeper blue provides a sense of security (one of the reasons many public servants wear blue uniforms). It also improves the brain’s thought processes and is the colour of love and fidelity. Choose blue for a child’s room to evoke feelings of security and love and to support their developing brains. This Anteater wallpaper by Annika Reed Studio adds a playful dynamic to a deep blue back drop.

Lighter shades of blue improve attention to detail and focus on the task at hand. This Sweet Memory wallpaper is an energizing option for a work space in your home or office. Blue improves self-expression and one-to-one communication. Not a bad thing when working with others.

Apparently not only does blue create a sense of calm, but studies show it is the least appetizing colour. Some more creative weight loss plans recommend eating your food off a blue plate. I say why not wallpaper your whole dining space with blue wallpaper! Just make sure to feed your guests on a white plate! While Blossom Sky wallpaper may be unappetizing, it will at least be eye-catching!

All jokes aside

There is no sight near as peaceful as that of a clear blue sky above a vast expanse of ocean. The University of British Columbia, where I attended and lived for four years, is located in this kind of glorious setting. I can attest to the calming influence of a blue expanse during a stressful season of life. Not everyone gets to live in such prime real estate, but you can mimic the vibe with your interior decor. Check out our wide selection of blue wallcoverings. If you need some help choosing your perfect paper send me an email. This former nurse, current saleswoman, is also a certified interior decorator.

Bring the ocean into your bathroom with Dupenny’s Mermaids wallpaper in navy.