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Disorder in Stasis, Passerine I Superwide panel


Product Description

Originally conceived as a conceptual piece for an exhibition at Newcastle’s 36 Lime Street Gallery, ‘Disorder in Stasis’ is a triptych wallpaper. Artist, Joel Weaver created ‘Feldspar’ by using a ballpoint pen and drawing a line across a canvas with a ruler, line after line. Passerine I and II were organically created from blotting off the excess ink after each line. While the black striped design brings a sense of order, the pen markings introduce a feeling of freedom of movement.

The three designs together form our startling ‘Disorder in Stasis’ triptych wallpaper which is available as two superwide panels (Passerine I and II) and a wide 10m roll (Feldspar).  Lead time is 3-4 weeks.

Product details - Wallpaper

The Monkey Puzzle Tree
Width 140 cm by 300 cm Panel (includes 25cm plain space at top and 25cm at bottom which can be trimmed off to fit space)
No Match
Paste the wall
Heavyweight non woven FSC certified paper


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